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Some dogs tend to be more accepting of cats than others. If your dog is one of these, there is a much higher chance that he will tolerate a cat in the family. Some dog breeds that are known to be cat-friendly include golden retrievers, pugs and maltese.

Cats and dogs can live together and even become best buddies.

Some people profess that they’re dog people, while others insist they’re cat people. But what happens when you want the best of both worlds? Many people are concerned that their dogs will not accept a cat in the house, or that they will be aggressive towards the new member of the family. There is also the fear that the cat will be afraid or intolerant of the dogs.

How to Avoid Heat Stress in Your Pet this Summer

Unlike humans, who are able to sweat to lose heat, dogs and cats cannot regulate their temperature in this way and rely mainly on panting and external cooling to lose heat from their bodies. This limits their ability to thermoregulate, which is why pet owners need to take action to minimize the risk of heat stress.

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