Relocation Domestic and International

Moving is one of those events we dread most in life. There’s the packing, cleaning, lifting, towing and sorting that most people don’t find very pleasurable. There are several resources, however, that a person can use to make their move go as simply and easily as possible.

A quality relocation service can provide a mover door-to-door service across the continent or anywhere they might need to go. Door-to-door means that your items are picked up right in front of your current home and arrive right in from of your new one.

Key Program Features Include

Continuum International is pleased to offer our clients a comprehensive, professional Domestic Moving Program that provides outstanding services and cost savings for our clients.There are many reasons why people move either locally or long distances a whole host of new opportunities.

  • Carrier Selection and Management
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
  • Cost and Performance Reporting
  • Dedicated Employee Counseling
  • Transportation Alternatives
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

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